Friday, October 14, 2011

All that Glitters

It's back to the fun stuff - and this time it's snowflakes! Clearing out some of the drawers I came across a pack of snowflakes left over from last year. These guys were hiding, so they didn't get worked up into the Magic Snowflakes that I did in the Spring.

Although they come as "Sparkly Snowflake Ornaments", you can see by the photo above that the sparkle is scant to non-existent as per the snowflake on the left.

In past renditions I have applied layers of sparkle top coat or glittter paint, but having just sorted out my glitter, I decided to combine painting a twinkle top coat and then cover them with glitter. The glitter is in my stock from the days of candle making and it is SUPER fine. I experimented with other grades of glitter, but the super fine is the way to go.

See the difference already? As I plan to complete these with some pretty nice beads, I want the snowflake to be perfect.

Following along with this theme, I'm thinking maybe icicles as well. These start life clear - as opposed to the white snowflakes - but look at the pretty difference the glitter makes with a Starlite topcoat.

After a marathon day with the glitter, the house and all that live in her are covered in sparkles, but we are set to do some bead stringing to finish these off.


  1. Doesn't the glitter come off though. and get tracked around the house?

  2. It certainly does when you're making them, but when complete there's no more 'glitter residue' than on normal Christmas sparkly things.