Sunday, October 9, 2011

A New Venture: The Craft Kit

Hooray, the first batch of my first lot of Christmas Tree Ornament kits are done and up and running on Etsy, and I'm already filled with lots of ideas for more craft kit options. I'm very happy with how the packaging has turned out and they are nice and neat for having bulky gems inside. My listings were being 'favourited' as I was creating them, so I'm hoping that this will be a good omen!

These ornaments are super simple and don't take long at all to complete making them, I think, ideal for the novice as well as convenient for the more seasoned crafter. The end result is really lovely, and you don't need to purchase a bunch of different beads when you only need one or a few.

I've been making ornaments for the Christmas Tree (I now have 4 Christmas Trees) for more than four decades now, and there's something extra special about seeing each year the ornaments that you made yourself, or others that friends and family have made for you - they're just full of happy memories.

So if you're not a crafter, but think these are pretty, I encourage you to jump in and make your own. It'll be something really special! If you are a crafter, these are convenient and fun with a lovely end result.

My Etsy shop is now offering individual kits or a set price for 3 - which you can choose three of the same or an assortment. As for me, I've quite enjoyed the craft kit assembly process. This was an afterthought having made these ornaments, but I'm already looking forward to working up the next little kit. And the subject of Christmas Tree ornaments - a fabulous place to start.

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