Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pretty Little Butterflies

Another item 'catalogued' today were these pretty little butterfly earrings. Being a natural subject, I thought I'd keep them in soft and neutral shades.

I've ony recently started working with "Miracle Beads" and "Cat's Eye Beads" - both of which are featured with these butterflies. These beads are stunning - the miracle beads (also called Magic beads and originally from Japan) seem to glow from within and positively light up with just the smallest amount of light.
And according to Artbeads ... "Cat's eye glass beads, sometimes referred to as fiber-optic beads, change hue as they capture and reflect light and have a band of light running through the center that resembles a cat's eye." How cool is that then?

Max thinks they are cool - but not nearly as interesting as the birdie outside the window.

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