Friday, September 27, 2013

Crochet Christmas Stocking

Sir Stands-a-Lot models the new stocking
 Finished object Fridays - what an inspiration!  I must say that wanting to have the occasional blog post for Work-in-Progress Wednesdays or Finished-Object Fridays really does help spur you along.
On Wednesday I was looking for some crochet coaster patterns when I came across a little Christmas booklet for Loops & Threads Impeccable worsted.

Crochet Christmas Stocking
I'm pretty sure I bought the pattern booklet for a knit Cat Tree Ornament that I've never made, but it was the crochet stocking that caught my eye.  I followed the pattern for the basic structure of the stocking but did my own thing as I wanted to incorporate the faux fur yarn for the cuff of the stocking - and I didn't want to bother with multi-colour bobbles as the pattern suggested.

Faux fur yarn cuff makes it special
I was planning to do even striping but I was a little unsure about the structure of the heel and instep so I kept it simple with a mostly plain red body.  It wasn't tricky, so I think I will brave striping  for the next attempt.  

The faux fur cuff is great.  It would be better still, in my opinion, if I doubled up the cuff rows and turned it back.  It looks great when I try this and gives it nice structure, but it is a little too short without the extra rows I didn't plan for.  One more little change, I would add an extra row in the toe decrease - it just looks a little bit stubbed - and more room for prezzies can't  be a bad thing.

I put a little tissue paper in to take these photos but it is clear that you could stuff LOADS into these stockings, and it's a fun little pattern that you could do all kinds of variations with - my favourite kind of project.

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  1. It is adorable. I love the faux fur cuff as well.

  2. Looks fantastic, I love the furry bit at the top!

  3. Very cute. I have thought of going back to crocheting but I never thought of crocheting socks. Hmmm...