Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Production Ban

Lovely assortment of beads that came in the post!

I have put myself under a strict production ban.  One of my Aunt's from England is visiting me next week and I am determined to get the craft room all sorted and in order.  I am hoping, at some point, that we will be doing some crafting together but at the very least I need to tidy out some of the boxes and craft supplies that are currently living all over the spare bedroom.  There's photography to catch up on, packaging to catch up on, then to find a place for it all ...so much to do...  So it's no production for a few days, and yes it is torture.

I suppose this is a bit like the eye of the tornado phase.  I have been very busy the last several weeks doing some new Christmas crafts and also sorting out and finishing up things that I already had.  I've made quite a few sales already, and happily of a variety of things.  From here, it's only going to get busier *fingers crossed* so I'm taking this time for preparation.

I've been making lots of new plans and designs, sourcing fabulous suppliers and accumulating things in bulk.   Just look at all the exciting new beads that came in the post yesterday.  Sooo many exciting new styles of beads to show you in the weeks ahead - including glow in the dark ones!

The good news in my never-ending-organization-attempt is that I am now able to quickly and effectively put away new things, just a few more steps to go on finding homes for everything else.  And then ... bead nirvana.  I can't wait to show you an organized craft room. 

I can't wait to have an organized craft room.  Sigh.

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