Monday, January 16, 2012

Crayola Childrens Blanket

Do you remember when Crayola crayons came out with the 64 pack?  That was such an exciting day.  It was a good day for my multi-coloured crochet childrens blanket today.  Especially good considering I have, for a few weeks now,  been contemplating taking it all apart for either a different stitch or different project all together.

Good news though, it survived, and I've persevered and added a few more 'layers' since the first posting.  All the colours I'm using are in now - a total of 24 - so it's time for their second appearances.

I plan to follow a similar colour wave, but not an identical repeat.  I'm hoping it will look more interesting this way.  This should make a really fun play blanket for a young child, and one thing is likely ... they'll be good at their colours.

Freddie is doing his very best to learn the new "DON'T TOUCH!!!!" policies, but he sure likes to push the limits.

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