Sunday, January 15, 2012

I "Heart" Christmas Ornament Hooks

Well now you know ... what happens when two holidays collide?  You end up with an "I Heart Christmas" line.   Some of the Valentine kits that I have been purchasing recently - for the card stock mainly -  came with these little heart beads.  I didn't think they were that great for card making purposes ... but they're just the thing for these "I Heart Christmas" ornament hooks.

 So, since it finally snowed ... and as I'd been wondering if these would be any good ... I decided to work up a few styles to experiment.  There were little red hearts with white outlines ... little red hearts with a diamond gem look to the center ...

... and deep red plain hearts.  I've worked them all up in slight variations with bright white, clear crystal or a more traditional cream to accent the red.

And I do ... I do "heart" Christmas.   More little projects that I've got almost a year to work on.  No stress at all really.

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