Friday, January 20, 2012

Valentine Card Kits

Valentine's Day Cards

I've been making up a few more Valentine cards- this time with a view to "kitting them up".   This way I get to assemble the supplies and see what comes together.  I have always loved making things - but if I break it down  - one of my favourite aspects is gathering all the "bits" that I know I'll use some day.  The fun for me is when it all comes together.

These cards are made up of bits I've gathered here, there, and everywhere.  These red and pink cards work up perfectly with the Valentine themed card stocks I recently found, and the Valentine ribbon and diamond gem hearts make a nice  focal point.  Siimple squares of different scrapbook papers set them off elegantly.

This is another variation using the red card with white card stock, polka dot scrapbook paper, fancy hearts ribbon, glittery foam heart and gem hearts in three sizes for accent.  The insides are a little dark for your message, so I line them with white card stock just to finish them off nicely.

And the last one in "the set" is on a lovely larger shiny white card.  I wish I could remember where I got these as this is the last of the lot and I quite like them.  BUT I remind myself ... I have lots of other things to use up - and that is part of the exercise. I also "love" the red and white Valentines Card stock with the love border.  These were intended to be used as a card by themselves, but they really pop on a deep red shiny card stock.

So with these four styles sorted, it's my first card 'kit'.  With the calendar whizzing by I'm feeling a little under the gun, but I'm liking the idea for developing more variety with a little more pizzazz for ... say ... just for example ... Christmas.  At the very least some of my card making supplies are a little more sorted and next on the job list is to put some things away and reclaim the dining room table.   Unless it snows, of course.

You can check out the Valentine Card styles in gallery view.

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