Monday, January 23, 2012


I used to think that I had no issues with tension when knitting or crocheting, but I was wrong. Depending on how cold my hands are - or not - can make a really big difference when making something so small as a baby bootie. In one of the first pairs I tried there was quite a bit of differece in the sizing. Not good enough at all, really.

But I'm with the program now as I am knitting then both at once - with two balls of wool.  While you can't whip one up quite so quickly this does answer nicely to my enormous issues of making two things exactly the same.  This green pair in Vanna's choice wool worked up very nicely and I just love the kitty face buttons - which are on there very securely.

And this is another pair for a slightly older child.  I am no expert but I'm guessing about 12-18 months.  The mottled wool is actually quite a lot nicer than I think it shows in the photograph, and I think they're sweet with the matching polka dot buttons.

I've washed and dried the green ones to test and they wash up lovely.  I always wash in cold water and use a delicate setting for wool in the drier.  No fuss - just what a mum needs.

Note to self:  From now on buy two balls of each colour.

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  1. Making them two at a time means you'll never get second sock syndrome, or whatever the bootie equivalent is!