Monday, January 2, 2012

O Christmas Tree(s)

Ugh, it really is a chore putting all the Christmas things away.  Let me tell you, six trees stripped of all but a few straggling ornaments is really not too festive - unless you're a forest creature perhaps - but we're nearly there (I tell myself and the cats) and I am discovering more and more hideaways for all this stuff.

At the moment though I am procrastinating with a cup of coffee and sorting out some photos to catalogue some of the craft room things that I can then put away for sale. Yes, I do attempt organized.  I'm experimenting with the new dynamic blog formats and although for me there are some severe limitations, some of the possibilities are quite fabulous.  The wreaths are done - check it out

I had to giggle at finding this photo.  Mum and Dad taking photos in the living room.  Mum thinking there are a lot of Christmas trees about but she is wearing them on both her top, her cardigan, earrings to boot and probably her socks as well ... so you could say the apple doesn't fall far from THE TREE! lol (and everyone thought Dad was the Christmas one - a double whammy!)

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  1. Love the catalogue of the wreaths - it's such an easy format for comparing and contrasting!