Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Slipper Style Bootie for 6-12 months

This is another pattern winner in the great bootie experiment - I found it here on the hipknitized blog.    A more moccasin style slipper that looks to be ideal for the 6-12 month old.

  The first pair I tried in a simple colour and just added some buttons I had on hand for embellishment. I like this concept and I've ordered some lovely baby buttons - teddy bears, sailer anchors, cats, ducks, hearts, polka dots, stripes and etc.  It should be fun and inspirational when they start arriving.

 This is a variation I think is rather cute - inspired by a bit of a running shoe look.  You could do narrow stripes, 3 or 4 colour options, full stripes or etc.  I have been experimenting - in the form of single edition booties - with quite a few variations, but this is one of my favourite so far.

The little laces, which are crocheted, should help to give them a nice snug fit, and add a bit of whimsy.  Of course this style would also look cute with fancy buttons.

I love simple patterns like this that allow you to get really creative with variations in execution.  I'm thinking the kitty cat buttons would look really cute on that red and cream stripe ... and maybe white bunnies for the pink jacquard.  The slipper in the middle I thought I'd really like ... but it turns out I don't.  You don't know until you try.


  1. Love the little yellow button! Make sure it's on there good and tight so baby can't pull it loose! And I guess you won't be surprised when I tell you that I like the red and white mocs, will you?!

  2. These are sweet booties! I like making booties also. My grandchildren grow out of them faster than I can knit them!