Sunday, January 1, 2012

Super Cute Baby Booties

Happy New Year everyone! I hope the holidays were wonderful and not too stressful.  I have been taking a break from the never pleasant chores of putting all the Christmas trimmings away - and questioning my sanity as I do every year - to experiment with something new.

These are my very first ever pair of baby booties!!!  Yes, I am rather pleased.  And these little guys are so cute I am already thinking about adapting the pattern for a pair for myself.

 The two rows of knit, two rows of purl gives you a lovely soft and bulky ridged result that should both fit snugly and stretch easily for the growing foot.  While I have never been one to be very caught up by baby things, I must say that holding these little guys in the palm of my hand solicited a surprising "ooooh".  They are super cute and I give this pattern 5 stars.

 They're done on 3.25 mm needles and I find they work best with the thinner baby wools, but a sport weight will produce a good size for a toddler.  You can find the pattern at  As a good newborn baby bootie, no doubt they would also look cute with ribbon or other embellishments.  Soo many possibilities with a lovely simple pattern.  You can imagine them striped can't you?

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  1. Baby booties are always cute! Something to do with those tiny feet, I think!