Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Working Up the Crochet Cotton with Washcloths

My work in progress this Wednesday is not so much an item as it is a task.  I am in progress on working up all my bits of crochet cotton.  I have several bags, and many small bits that are not enough to make a full dishcloth, so I was delighted when I came across a new pattern that was very much like the tree skirts I like to make.  It's a free crochet pattern "Shaped Washcloth" from Lion Brand yarns.

On a roll with the wash cloth /dish cloths

This makes a really nice weight for a washcloth and they work up super quickly.  I made one small modification to the pattern, which has you slip stitch to the "V" area when starting the next row.  I thought this added unnecessary stitches to only one section of the dishcloth, so I opted just to slip stitch to the next stitch, chain 3 as the first double chain and then continue the design.  Less fuss.

Easy pattern, and great for when you need a project that you don't have to pay much attention to.  I did give myself one challenge in that this was MY FIRST magic circle.  Yay!  So easy.  So nice.  I will always use a magic circle from now on.

Project status update:  Down to 2 bags of crochet cotton.

And now to seek inspiration from what others are posting at Tami's Amis Work in Progress Wednesday #156 and Crochet Happy's Wednesday Linky Party.


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