Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cat Person Birthday Card

Close up of Kitty Card

Well, all the craft supplies are coming out it seems!  Just what I need - lol.  Not!  But anyway, it is what it is.  My mother has a birthday coming up so I thought  I'd better get in gear and make her a birthday card.  I am very happy with how it has turned out but the glue is still drying so I will show you that one another day.

While I was in the card groove, surrounded by paper supplies, I thought I'd press on with some more and made this card for someone else on my list - a cat lover.  It's a simple design, squares on angles, and I just pulled colours from the cute kitty cat sticker.  I was particularly tickled that the design on the blue paper looks like wool unraveled when a cat has been playing with it, and it connects nicely with the blue wool in the sticker. 

I love how this ribbon sits so nicely and flat but with a shiny ribbed texture.  Double sided tape is just the think for applying it, and it's the perfect size.  I've got a drawer full of this ribbon.  Stick on gems almost always make an appearnce as they seem just the thing to give things a bit of sparkle.  There is sparkle on the stickers, so I felt I needed to do my part to tie that all in. I think the recipient will like this one.

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