Friday, August 16, 2013

Traditional Tree Skirts with Faux Fur Yarns

Stop the presses -  my in-laws have a Christmas tree. For the first time since I met my husband (many, many, many moons ago) my mother and father-in-law put up a Christmas Tree last year.  They would decorate, but because of many animals in the home avoided the tree.  I just couldn't let such an exciting development as this go without making them a tree skirt, so this is the one I made for them - and it is loaded with a variety of the faux fur yarns.

I'm colouring outside the lines a wee bit with this week's "Finished Object Friday" post, as I haven't just made this, but it is one of several tree skirts that I haven't actually documented - and I would like to have a record of how they all looked for future inspiration and amendments.  The tree skirt has a split, but it is hard to tell in this picture.  I add several ties so it sits nice and flush and colour co-ordinate them with the bands which seems to make them blend in very nicely.

This is another un-documented one that I made with similar colours for my brother-in-laws family.  They have two small children - the perfect age for Christmas magic - so this is an extra large version suited for a big Christmas Tree.   Double wide bands of faux fur yarns make a nice edging.

In the body of the tree skirt I've used bands of popcorn stitch for texture and interest.  You particularly pick up the texture when looking down at the tree skirt as you would when it's under the tree.  Eats up a lot of wool - loads in the outer bands - but a very nice effect.

In more current news, I am one or two rows from finishing my first tree skirt of this year - a more simple rendition - and then just the ends to sew in so fingers crossed I should have that wrapped up for next week's posting.  Time to enjoy looking at what other people have been making at Tami's Amis Finished Object Friday.


  1. This is a nice one. Although I don't want to think of Christmas in summer. ;-)

  2. It looks fantastic and what a nice surprise for them. That's a really nice thought to make them something to celebrate them having a tree.