Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fairies and Flowers in Purple and Green

Stop when there is absolutely no space left?

A little change from snowflakes and holly today ... to flowers and fairies.  I've made up another card in green, purples and golds and embellished the heck out of it.

I didn't intend for the card to have quite this level of embellishment, but some other force took over along the way.  Every time I added "a little something", it seemed to be out of balance and needing more.  So more is what it got!

Ribbons, gems, flowers, and a new find - little sticky foam squares in bright metallic colours.  When I bought them I thought they were flat but they have a little elevation to them.  Since the fairy and caterpillar stickers are already raised, they balance well.  They're not my favourite thing - yet - but they're something a little different for me.

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