Friday, August 30, 2013

Halloween Witch Earrings

Tibetan Silver Witch Earrings in Black and Lime Green

Well, well, it looks like someone has given herself nearly a week off of craft blogging.  It happens quickly doesn't it?  Actually, I've been very busy crafting - I made this one pair of Halloween earrings!  Ahh, but it's what this one pair of earrings represents - that's the thing.

This is my first pair of dangly multi-strand earrings.  Using jump rings for the first time, they really open up a world of new possibilities.  I checked out a couple of YouTube videos, just to get the basics, and the key learning seems to be to twist sideways to create an opening rather than pulling them apart.

So I've done this first pair of earrings as a test really.  The last time I dressed up for Halloween I was a green and black witch, so was inspired by this colour combination.  When I was 5, I was a purple and black witch so we may see a pair of those too!

Jump rings and multi-strand earrings sorted, it was on to the second part of this test.  I want to kit these earrings.  I'm planning to make a variety of Christmas earring kits, so I used the little witch here as a prototype for development.  Take a look at all the beads and findings that go into these earrings - purchasing all this separately can be time consuming and expensive  - this is why I think they'd be perfect for kits.

Next up was packaging.  I'll let you in on a little secret - I really love working on packaging.   I may have missed my calling as a box designer.  I used two little baggies - one for the findings and charms, another for the beads.  Popped those two bags together and stapled them onto a piece of white card stock so that they are clearly visible and consistent against whatever background I use.  The white card stock is folded over to keep things looking neat, and a little ribbon not only gives it a finishing touch but the extra thickness there helps to protect the beads, charms and findings.

A close-up photo for identification and inspiration on the side, and they both get mounted onto a card stock background.  Into the resealable cello bag and presto.I think I need to add a topper to these bags to identify them as earring kits, and then we're done. Next time I shall probably photograph outside of the cello bag as it's just too difficult to get a good picture.

With packages arriving, there are many more exciting developments still in the works, so more another time.  Earrings or kits are available on my Etsy shop.

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