Thursday, February 10, 2011

Candy Beads & Shells

I've struggled for a while with the photography of the necklaces that I'm making and while I'm still not content, I've convinced myself (for the time being) that it is time to move on. So in the spirit of sorting out, one of my projects is to document the styles that I like so they can be sorted away, and the things I don't like can be remade. The best way to photograph them, I shall have to learn along the way.

I love these flat round beads, they look just like little candies! In addition, they wear nicely as they sit flat. The colours - that's what first drew me to them - lovely and rich.

I've done a lot up on the "long series" which can be worn double or triple even extra long knotted.

For a while I made everything long as it was easiest to slip over your head - versus a clasp - but I can feel a new hankering for shorter multi-strand versions on the horizon.

They also look great mixed with the shell beads, as luck would have it the colours blend perfectly.

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