Monday, February 14, 2011

The Evolution of the Beaded Coasters

About a week ago I started the Beaded Coaster Experiment. Since then, the verdict has moved from 'maybe' to a definite 'YES!'.

I've been playing around with some holiday versions using a santa design. And yes, more beads from the Dollar Store to inspire! Isn't he cute, all bubbly and festive?

Here are the first two versions with the beading complete but before finishing the edging. I like the striping of the background but I feel you lose the snowflakes, so I think it's one or the other. A few tweakings here and there, and I think this pattern is getting close.

And here they are - first two finished off - all ready for .... ages from now ;)

And because I can almost always find a way to create a spreadsheet, I've been revising the chart throughout these test pieces and this will be the next evolution ...

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