Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hunker down ... storm warning


Who's got it good around here? It's a cats life for sure!


Well, I don't know what got into me today - a new month, feeling a little better, and needing to get away from the computer for a while, I've been at it non-stop since early this morning having a clear out and catching up on the laundry. Even the cat blankets are getting a wash - and that takes several cycles.


So, as we hunker down for the apocalyptic storm of the billenium (gotta love the media), it seems a good time to introduce you go the gang and document one of the past obsessions. The novelty yarn.


For a while, you could get this very inexpensively - never much of the same colour/style at once - but coming in waves so you HAD to keep buying it. I was re-acquainting myself with knitting and crocheting so it served a very worthwhile purpose, after all.


Most of these are crocheted on a very large hook with multiple strands and types of yarn. So not just is there the thrill of all the variations BUT the combination of all the variations. As you can see a glimpse - it had me hooked for a while.

Maggie & Marley

So, for quite some time it was a constant production of countless scarves (many of which I sold for my 'Crafts for Kiva' project), loads of blankets (anywhere there's a surface), and what must be a Guinness record for 'kitty blankets'.


Strikes me you've got it pretty good if you're a cat in this house.

Stay safe and warm everyone!

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