Monday, February 28, 2011

Academy Awards Necklace

Most of the necklaces I have made to date have been of the long variety - long enough to go over your head, many of them 2 or three times or worn long and knotted. But for a while now I've been daydream-designing shorter, multi-strand necklace with a wider variety of beads and patterning.

So as it was the Academy Awards last night, which I enjoy watching - probably more for the fashions and acceptance speeches than the movies - I decided to turn the computer off and have a go at a different style.

As I was sorting the beads recently I couldn't help noticing the variety I had in those lovely pinky-brown options, so seemed a great place to start. This necklace uses 7 different beads - tiny and large seed beads, two colours of pearls, two sizes and colours of glass beads and a shell bead. I think they work really nicely together.

I always use seed beads or at least smaller beads near to the clasp, as I think it makes it easier for putting on and taking off. And with this style, I am particulary happy with how you can change the look by just twisting.

Who would wear my Academy Awards necklace? Why, Sharon Stone, of course!

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  1. I think multi-strand is very nice - would look gorgeous paired with a simple black sweater! Gavin has sorted out my commenting problems; seems like some preference in Firefox was preventing me from posting comments. But here we are, all sorted out. What a clever man!