Sunday, February 27, 2011

Geranium Jacquard

I used to knit and crochet but that was many, many moons ago. So, when I recently re-entered the world of all things woolen, I discovered that a LOT had changed! New materials for hooks and needles, circular sets that you can just change the ends with, and very best of all ... new patternings in wool.

I stumbled upon this quite by accident when I picked up a ball of what I thought was variegated dish cloth cotton. Okay, really it's just cotton, but in our family it tends to go by the longer name. I was working away thinking ... what? ... when I discovered it wasn't 'variegated' - it was 'self-striping'. Ooooh, awesome.

Well, it just got better from there. Did you know ... you can now get wool that does it's own patterning ... in all sorts of variations - even argyle for socks! Well, I never... but I like! You can see some of the Bernat choices - which this is - on the Bernat website.

The knitting positively flys by with this level of excitement, so I whipped up a couple of hats I thought would be perfect for a mommy and daughter. Just think, each row is an exciting adventure ... your just itching to see what's next.

I'm looking forward to exploring these options some more.

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