Monday, February 21, 2011

Scarves, scarves, go away

Yikes! I wonder, sometimes, just how many years I have been 'sorting out the craft room'. Sigh. Yup, still at it. Todays crafty job mission - the 'done' projects must get 'catalogued' and move somewhere else. Quite simply I need the space.

But another reason struck me today as I was photographing them ... and thinking about unraveling some of them to use the yarn - which I can no longer readily get - for other projects. Definitely time to move them from my easy access when contemplating a new project.

First up - the scarves. Job done. I might work up hats or mittens to go with some as a combination effort with the stash-busting mission 2011. See, I am learning some of the mystical craft blog laungage...but there is much yet to unravel.

Time will tell - it all has to be sequenced you know against a myriad options which all must be considered, but I have half a big shelf in the closet now. Phew!

And, it's not like I often have to do these projects all by myself. There's almost always a helping paw.


  1. Gawd, that looks so much like our kitty. They could be siblings! My cats (Bunny and Jingie - brothers) are 8 years old, originated in Vancouver, BC.