Friday, February 18, 2011

It grows!!! ... and it grows ....

Oh how I loved today! DEEEEElightful little spring tease it was, with most of the snow disappearing to reveal the hints of spring below.

Yes, I have lived in Canada for several decades and therefore yes I do know that it won't last long at all, but it sure does give you that burst of energy that feels vital to make it through the cold, grey days of winter. Windows open!

So, in the spirit of growth, I took a little down time this evening to carry on with the first of my stash-busting afghans for this year. As it's clearing out wool, I figure this can go in the "tidying up" category - but then I can justify almost anything.

Pinky/purley/reds, etc blanket coming along ... At this point, I'm thinking it would be most fun to have as many colours as possible, but we'll see what develops.

And we'll see what develops weather wise as well. As I update this, who knows what the nearly 100km/hour winds are bringing in for the weekend. I'm thinking probably not good stuff, but am thankful for today. I can make it .... COME ON SPRING!

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