Thursday, February 17, 2011

Little Blue Planets

Progress on photographing my necklaces is slow, but there is progress nonetheless (little cheering section in my head says "yay"). Of course, it's no wonder it takes me so long when I get distracted ... but doesn't it look funky with paint effects like watercolour, fresco and paint daubs? Well, maybe it's just me. These are after all some of my favourite beads.

For a change it was a bright sunny day recently so I decided to do some experimenting. I love the large glass beads that look almost like mini-earths and almost equally I love the little square turquoise beads that Lynn gave me in her cast offs. A perfect marriage.

I think the long beads at either side help to set off the square beads - they really deserve to stand out. And the light green seed beads and accent pearls bring out the green in the large turquoise glass beads.

Oh how I love these beads. You can see why I keep having to buy them, can't you?


Most of the photos I tried that day were not to my satisfaction but there's always good learning in experimenting. None of the photos I intended for these lovely beads worked out, but an accidental shot reveals better results with contrasting colour and a more textured background.

Notes for next time as I examine everything around the house as potential backdrops.

More random blue/green beads. They look kind of good mix and match, but I'm not in love.

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