Saturday, February 5, 2011

Experimental Beaded Coaster

A little experimenting today... A while back, I picked up some precut plastic canvas squares that I thought would be great for making coasters. I made a few with cotton - they were ok - but for some time I've fancied trying some with beads.

So it was like fate stepped in today when on a trip to the dollar store I found these boxes of beads that were the perfect size. My first thought had been to alternate stitches and beads but I found it wasn't substantial enough. What works best in my opionion? Solid beads.

With each 'stitch' you kind of have to manipulate the bead into place, but when it is fully stitched and edged with floss, I think they'll hold in place quite well.

As I'm experimenting, I've used my least favourite colour assortment, and I definitely feel that the colour changes are far too subtle, but it's an idea that has merit. At least enough for a trip back to the dollar store tomorrow. You've got the pick things up when you see them there - I know the drill.

The verdict on the beaded coasters ... maybe.

UPDATE: The Evolution of the Beaded Coaster

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  1. Awesome idea and awesome find at the dollar store. I would agree, when you see it, grab it. I've gone back to the one near me before and what I was looking for was gone.